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Testimonials - what my clients say...

I was introduced to Sarah Mallinson and I can’t recommend her highly enough.  I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  I have found out so many causes for my ill health.   HM

This is my second consultation with Sarah.  The purpose of the consultation was to help with inflammation/pain during lockdown, due to scoliosis and cerebral palsy. I had been less mobile through working from home and

constantly sitting in front of a laptop and I had been experiencing severe pain in my lower back and hip.  Sarah was very understanding, recommended some dietary changes and reviewed my current supplements.  Within 3 weeks I experienced:


  • Reduction in pain in hips and lower back
  • Increased movement in hips and lower back
  • Increased energy levels due to the negative impact in pain
  • Reduced swelling to ankle area


I am really pleased on the positive impact on my day to day life   KG

Just wanted to update you that making these few changes to my day has made a significant difference. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!   KM

I sought out Sarah’s help after having repeated outbreaks of shingles for the majority of my adult life, as well as some issues related to stress that were leading to frequent migraines and tiredness. I was so fed up, having sought

out lots of help in the past, and had resigned myself to thinking that I would always feel this lethargic and I would always be fighting a virus


Sarah’s support, expertise and guidance has far exceeded anything I could have imagined. Our initial consultation was in depth, and covered aspects of my personal and medical history that no healthcare professional has ever taken the time to understand. I felt truly heard and understood. What’s more, Sarah took the time to explain why my body is responding the way it does to stress, and how this results in getting ill or exhausted. Just having this understanding has helped me feel better and more hopeful that things can change.


I did have to make some significant alterations to the foods I was eating, and this involved me having to stop having two foods that I enjoyed and that I thought were good for me, in order to start to get well. Despite this, I’ve loved experimenting with a whole new way of nourishing my body, and I have begun to crave foods that are genuinely good for me.


The dietary changes, programme of supplements and lifestyle recommendations have been specifically tailored to my needs and as a result, I haven’t had a single outbreak of shingles since starting on my new nutritional plan. What’s more, I’m starting to feel stronger, more resilient and more able to manage my day-to-day stresses.


I have suggested that a number of people I know and work with speak to Sarah to help with health issues they are experiencing, and for anyone considering booking an appointment; I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.  AL


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