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Consultations and Appointments


Prior to our initial consultation, a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire will be sent to you, in addition to a food diary for you to complete and return to me 5 days before the appointment.  It is essential this is returned within the time frame to enable  me sufficient opportunity to review the latest research that will be relevant to your circumstances.


The comprehensive consultation will last an hour and a quarter and will cover numerous areas to enable me to better understand your background, medical symptoms, current medications and/or supplements, lifestyle, eating habits, sleep, emotional and psychological pressures and stress response enabling me to investigate the root cause of your concerns and determine potential triggers.


This session enables us to construct a foundation that we continue to progress upon each time we meet.


I may suggest functional testing to further evaluate your underlying conditions.  Functional testing is based on blood, urine, saliva and stool samples and can be particularly beneficial if your previous medical tests have all come back ‘within normal range’.


The fields and markers we are able to test functionally are significantly extensive compared to standard medical tests and the parameters often reflect imbalances that we are able to address.


Following our consultation, I will prepare and send you the complete nutrition and lifestyle plan we discussed and agreed during our appointment.

This will include:



A bespoke, sustainable, nutritional plan with recipe ideas and meal plans if required


Lifestyle recommendations to support your wellbeing


Appropriate functional testing recommendations if required


To further enhance your protocol, I may suggest neutraceutical supplementation to maximise the potential effects on your health. Please note that all suggestions are cross checked for safety and interactions with any medications you may be taking.


Your individual journey, like you, will be unique so appropriate appointments and schedules will be discussed according to your specific needs and pace of progress.

Follow-up appointments.


Second appointments are scheduled at approximately 4 weeks after the initial consultation and last 45 minutes.


This allows for the interpretation of any functional testing, a review of the initial nutritional program and enables a discussion on the progress, success and challenges of implementation and also offers the opportunity to refine the specific plan we created together.


It can be difficult to change several habits at once, so we can continue to add new goals and tailor plans to address these in further sessions.


Further appointments will be required for more complex health conditions and will enable me to continually ensure the programmes and I are supporting you and assisting you to move forward with your concerns.


Initial consultation

£95 / 1 hour and a quarter

in person/online

follow-up consultation

£65 / 45 minutes

in person/online



Consultations take place at:


Wilmslow C.A..M Clinic

6c Hawthorn Lane Wilmslow

Cheshire SK9 1AA

Silk House Therapy Practice

Wood Street Mill

45 Pickford Street, Macclesfield

Cheshire SK11 6HB

Home visits are available by arrangement.


‘It only takes one step to start a journey’

to book an appointment, contact me at:

t: 07730 041268

e: sarah@pinehealthandnutrition.com

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