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Digestive and gut issues

As a society, we are living in ways that don’t always support our optimum health, and this is particularly true when it comes to how we are digesting (or not digesting, as the case may be) our food.


There are a number of root causes of digestive issues that we can relate to our Western lifestyle, and, if these are left unchecked, can result in physical illness and discomfort. Because of our current medical model – which treats symptoms rather than addresses underlying issues – many of the people I see in my clinic with gut and digestive issues have been suffering for a very long time.


The good news is that the Functional Medicine approach has much to offer – in terms of both hope and interventions – for anyone looking to restore and support digestive health.


Many of us can relate to the idea of eating on the go, or reaching for high carb/high sugar snacks in the petrol station as we head off for another busy day. Eating at our desk while we pile through emails and return calls is not alien to us.


And, even if we do eat at home, the foods we are preparing often have an element of convenience – whether they are microwave meals, frozen produce, or take outs.


Our fast-paced lives simply don’t afford the same time to shop for, prepare and enjoy our meals. All of which aid good digestion. I have written more extensively about this topic in a recent blog post titled ‘Why digestion starts with the senses’. You can click here to read the article in full.


In short, however, it’s fair to say that there are a multitude of physiological processes that need to work in harmony in order to aid good digestion.


Many people who have digestive disorders do not always experience obvious symptoms and, in some case, will experience no symptoms whatsoever.


Having said that, health issues associated with digestion and the gut can present in a number of ways, and here I have provided more information about the different issues together with associated symptoms.


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